Proof Copy Of First Harry Potter Novel, Bought For Pennies, Sold For Rs 11.5 Lakh

Proof Copy Of First Harry Potter Novel, Bought For Pennies, Sold For Rs 11.5 Lakh

A proof copy of the first Harry Potter book, which was purchased over 30 years ago for pennies at a secondhand bookshop, fetched 11,000 pounds (Rs 11.5 lakhs) at auction, as per a report in ABC News. The original edition of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” which is marked “uncorrected proof copy” on the cover, was purchased in 1997 for a total of 40 pence ($0.50) from a south London bookstore together with two other novels, according to British auctioneers Hanson’s.

The seller, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that she bought the book about the well-known young wizard as a “throw-in” along with other titles and neglected it for years until learning about the high prices some Potter books brought in.

On Wednesday, the book sold for 11,000 pounds at auction, with a sales premium added to make the total price 14,432 pounds. The buyer is an individual in the United Kingdom, according to the outlet. The author’s name was erroneously listed as “J A Rowling” on the copy’s inside title page rather than J.K. Rowling, according to Jim Spencer, head of books at the auction house.

“This book so deserved to do well. This proof copy is where the Harry Potter phenomenon began. This is the very first appearance in print of the first Potter novel,” Mr Spencer said.

Meanwhile, an incredibly rare Harry Potter book bought for 30 pence was sold for 10,500 pounds at an auction in July last year. The first-edition copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was one of 500 produced and was bought by a collector from Staffordshire who died earlier last year, BBC reported. The hardback copy of the book went under the hammer with Richard Winterton Auctioneers at The Lichfield Auction Centre, Fradley Park, on July 10.

Published by Bloomsbury in 1997 with a laminated board cover, the book is one of only 500 first edition first impressions and, of those, one of only 300 sent to libraries. The winning bid was placed online by a buyer from Los Angeles, according to a release by Lichfield Auction Centre. The book was estimated at 3,000 pounds to 5,000 pounds due to its ‘much-loved condition’ as an ex-library book.

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