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DAUSA: The Dausa Police in Rajasthan has caught a woman who tricked grooms and looted them. She went by the name “Nisha” and would get married to men quickly, then disappear within a week, taking their jewellery and money. This crafty bride managed to do this three times in just three months, across Bhilwara, Dausa, and Panipat. But her run of luck ended when she was finally caught by the Dausa Police in Yamunanagar, Haryana.

June: The Month of Weddings and Quick Getaways
The story started when a young man in Dausa got involved with some matchmakers. They got married on June 14, and just a week later, the bride vanished, saying she had to visit her family. But she never came back. Instead, she would ask the grooms to give her money, and when they got suspicious, they went to the police. This set off a series of events that led to the discovery of the bride’s deceitful actions, according to a report published in NBT.

From Nursing to Scamming
Surprisingly, Nisha, also known as Sonia, had a nursing degree. But instead of using it for a real job, she turned to scamming people. The police not only caught her but also her partners, Sangita and Anita. It seems like there’s a whole group of scammers involved, including some matchmakers and marriage agencies.
May: Bhilwara, June: Dausa, July: Panipat – A Series of Deceptions
Nisha the “looteri dulhan” had a pattern. In May, she scammed a groom in Bhilwara, then in June, she moved to Dausa. In July, she pulled off another scam in Panipat before running away again. But luck wasn’t on her side this time, as the Dausa Police tracked her down and put an end to her wedding scam.
Right now, the police are questioning Nisha, her partners, and looking into others who might be part of this scam. As the investigation continues, it’s becoming clear that this clever bride, with her nursing background and a knack for manipulation, went from studying medicine to fooling grooms and leaving them with empty pockets.

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