1 in 10 Indian women own crypto: Study

Mumbai: Nearly 1 in every 10 women in India have owned cryptocurrency in India, marking the third-highest share globally, a study showed. Women crypto owners stood at 63 million in India as against a female population of about 685 million — a 9.2% share, data from foreign exchange education platform Forex Suggest showed.

Vietnam tops the list with 12 million women crypto owners — 24% of its female population. The Philippines ranks second with 9.6%, reflecting almost 5.5 million female crypto owners. However, barring a few countries, there are disparities in ownership of crypto. Vietnam had the most even numbers of male and female crypto owners, with 47% being female.
“This is a difference of just six percentage points, showing that female access to digital currencies is being supported by the local culture,” the study said. Indonesia reflected a 14-point gap with the male and female share being 57% and 43%, respectively.

In third place were Kenya and Colombia, with women making up 42% of total crypto owners in both countries. India ranked eight, with the male and female crypto ownership being 60% and 40%, respectively. TNN

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