PM Narendra Modi Begins Independence Day Speech By Calling All Indians His ‘Parivaarjan’

PM Modi, In Independence Day Speech, Calls All Indians His 'Parivaarjan'

PM Modi used the word “parivaarjan” at least 50 times in his nearly 90-minute-long speech

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the nation as his “parivaarjan” (family members) while speaking from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the 77th Independence Day, in a switch from referring them as “my fellow citizens” in his previous speeches.

Addressing the nation on this day for the 10th consecutive time as the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi used the word “parivaarjan” at least 50 times in his nearly 90-minute-long speech, mostly to start a fresh talking point.

He also talked about eradicating the ills of ‘parivaarwad’ (dynastic politics) from the country’s democracy and hit out at the political parties that follow the mantra of “for the family, by the family, of the family”.

Stating that it is a “new India” brimming with self-confidence and dedicated to fulfilling its resolves, PM Modi noted that his “beloved family members” elected him to power in 2014 on his promise of change and voted for him again in 2019 as the promise turned into trust through his emphasis on “reform, perform and transform”.

“On the next August 15, I will speak to you from Red Fort with more self-confidence about the country’s achievements, the successes of your capabilities and the progress made in fulfilling your resolutions,” he said amid applause from members of the over 2,000-strong audience gathered to observe the day.

He used the phrases “my beloved brothers and sisters”, “my fellow citizens” and “my dear loved ones” (mere pyare priyajano) once each during his speech.

PM Modi began his Independence Day speech on Tuesday, the last before the 2024 general election with “My beloved 140 crore parivaarjan”.

In the past, he has mostly started his speeches with either “my beloved brothers and sisters” or “my dear fellow citizens.” PM Modi, referring to the entire country as his family, said it is a collective responsibility to retain the country’s national character. He said when India is moving ahead with the dream of a developed India by 2047, it is not a dream but “a resolution of 140 crore countrymen”.

He also announced from the ramparts of the Red Fort that he would never, through words or action, harm the unity of India.

“When I talk about the unity of the country, if an incident happens in Manipur, there is pain in Maharashtra, if floods happen in Assam, Kerala becomes restless. When anything happens in any part of the country, the entire nation feels the pain,” he said pitching India as one family.

The Prime Minister also talked about his personal guarantees and commitments towards India in terms of eradicating corruption, nepotism, appeasement and guaranteeing a position for the country among the first three world economies.

“This is Modi’s lifelong commitment to fight corruption,” he said, later stating that, “I assure you that in the coming five years, India will become one of the three global economies, this is Modi’s guarantee”, he said.

Crediting the people of the country for forming a strong government at the Centre, PM Modi said this gave him courage to initiate reforms.

“There is so much happening in the country. But I want to say that in 2014, you formed a strong government, and I say in 2014 and again in 2019, you formed a government, so Modi had the courage to reform…”

“And when Modi carried out one reform after another, then my bureaucrats, my millions of hands and feet, who are working as part of the government in every corner of Hindustan, they performed their duty to transform the bureaucracy to perform…,” he added.

PM Modi also said that the decisions he takes are for the benefit of the people, who are his family.

“As a member of your family, I cannot bear witness to any of your sorrows. I cannot bear to see your dreams shattered. I am here to fulfil your resolutions, to stand by you as a companion, to serve you, to be connected with you, to live with you, and to fight for you.

“I am a person who has embarked on this journey with determination, and I believe that the struggles undertaken by our ancestors for independence and the dreams they had are with us today. The blessings of those who made sacrifices during the struggle for independence are with us. An opportunity has come for the 140 crore citizens of our country, and this opportunity has come with great potential and strength for us,” he added.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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