Sadhguru: India must commit to become a leader of inclusiveness in the world: Sadhguru on Independence Day | India News

NEW DELHI: Sadhguru on Tuesday in his Independence Day speech said that despite India’s long period of enslavement, the country retained its culture and has strongly bounced back in terms of economic growth and human development.

Sadhguru while speaking from the iconic 112-feet Adiyogi at Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore explained what has made Bharat bounce back despite being ravaged for the last 800-900 years.
“I must remind you, in terms of both numbers and the atrocious nature of what was done, no nation has seen as much ravaging as Bharat,” he said.

Sadhguru on Independence day

Sadhguru hoisting the Indian flag (Image credit: Isha Foundation)

Further, he talked about embracing the Indian culture and using it as a tool to ‘influence the world.’
This is a civilization which has always been a civilization of embrace, wanting to embrace the world, with our culture, with our music, with our science, with our business and above all our spiritual process. This is the way to influence the world, he added.
Terming yoga as a ‘global phenomena’, he said: “Everybody is talking about how to spread the signs of well-being. It is from this that International Yoga Day was born. And today it has become a global phenomenon…this is the slowly blossoming of the flower of Bharat.”
The founder of the Isha Foundation, Sadhgruru, also pressed on India becoming a guiding light on the economic, developmental and environmental front.
“India is taking its place among the comity of nations and is becoming a source of guidance for the world in economics, development and environment. At a time like this, it is very important that we the citizens of Bharat also equip ourselves as individuals, to become a source of clarity and inspiration for every human being on the planet”, he said.

Sadhguru at at Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore

(Image Credit: Isha Foundation)

Appreciating the country’s advancement in technology, he also pointed out, that “if we do not become conscious citizens of this nation, then our own intelligence, our own capabilities can turn against us.”
“So on this Independence Day, let’s commit to create that inclusiveness, be a leader of that inclusiveness in the world, create a nation and a world that is inclusive in nature and works for everybody’s well-being and creates the best possibility for every life on this planet,” Sadhguru added.

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