Nasir-Junaid Murder Case: Monu Manesar Not ‘directly’ Linked To Nasir-junaid Murder Case, Says Dgp | Jaipur News

JAIPUR: Director general of police Umesh Mishra on Monday said that though Monu Manesar of Haryana is not directly linked in the murder case of Nasir and Junaid, his role would be probed by the investigating team. Mishra said that the criminal conspiracy angle would be probed and expected that Haryana counterparts will continue their support.

Mishra was addressing a press conference at the Rajasthan police headquarters on Monday where he talked at length on various issues including the difference between case registered and the crime graph and other issues.
“In the investigation, so far, he is not among the main accused for kidnap and murder. However, he could be part of the criminal conspiracy. So, his role would be probed. Our teams are working and coordinating with Haryana counterparts. Right now we cannot share developments but will surely get some breakthrough soon,” he added.

“He is not directly involved but his role in this case would be probed,” Mishra added. His statement was misinterpreted by sections of media when in the evening Rajasthan police through its twitter handle clarified, “DGP Rajasthan and the Rajasthan police have not given any clean chit to Monu Manesar in Nasir-Junaid murder case. Monu figures as an accused in the FIR. His role in hatching conspiracy and abetting the heinous crime is under active investigation.”
Mishra further said that the registration of cases does not always mean there is an increase in crime as many cases turn out to be false in the investigation. He added that in Rajasthan the conviction rate in the rape cases of woman and of minor girls is nearly 48% against the national average of 30%. Mishra stated that there has also been continuous decrease in the registration of cases through Istegasa (legal complaint) under section 156(3). Also, he mentioned that Rajasthan is at number 10 position in overall crime rate across the country. Opposition BJP has been lambasting the police for increasing number of rape cases and overall crime.
“Government has a policy of registering every case in which a complainant approaches the police. So, let me clarify, registration does not mean the crime rate has gone up. Many of the rape cases registered were found false. Since 2019 in the rape conviction 13 persons got capital punishment, 255 got life imprisonment and in total 1,590 persons were convicted. That says it all. We properly investigate the rape cases,” Mishra said, on being asked, about rising number of rape cases in the state.

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