Vision 2030: Cm Opens Mla Complex, Calls For Success Of Vision 2030 Policy | Jaipur News

Jaipur: Chief minister Ashok Gehlot on Saturday sought cooperation from all opposition leaders to make the state government’s Vision 2030 successful, while sharing the dais with leader of opposition Rajendra Singh Rathore.

“No matter which government remains in power in 2030, let us work together to make the Vision 2030 successful. At present, in terms of economic development, Rajasthan is at number two position following Andhra Pradesh. I sincerely wants to see Rajasthan securing the top position in 2030,” the chief minister stated after inaugurating the MLA Complex adjacent to the Vidhan Sabha.
Barely four months prior to the assembly election Jaipur witnessed an unique gathering on Saturday where the chief minister shared the dais with the leader of oppositions along with Vidhan Sabha speaker CP Joshi and Urban Development and Housing Minister Shanti Dhariwal. Most MLAs of the state were present in this occasion.

With all the political rivals present at the same place there were a few exchanges of words as expected.
Rathore led the way, when he jokingly remarked, “I had been informed that this MLA complex is a one-of-its kind project where an MLA just needs a key to get shifted. I want to remind you all that the key to enter these flats is election. In the last three elections only 57, 71 and 59 sitting MLAs were reelected. Let us see what happens this time.”
When Gehlot’s turn came, the CM did not spare the opportunity to ‘mock’ the opposition, especially on the opposition leaders’ criticism on his recent injuries.

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