Tribal Sub-Plan: 1,903 Teachers Adjusted To Non-tsp Areas | Jaipur News

Jaipur: The education department on Sunday transferred 1,903 teachers, including 1,398 level-I and 505 level-II teachers, from TSP (Tribal Sub-Plan) areas to non-TSP areas based on their preferences.

Teachers across the state expressed their concerns, citing that around 300 teachers were not considered for adjustment due to the alleged oversight of officials
Vipin Prakash Sharma, the senior vice president of the Rajasthan Primary and Secondary Education Teachers’ Association, stated that their organization had long advocated for the transfer of Grade-III teachers engaged in TSP areas to non-TSP areas and back to their respective home districts.

He added that approximately 600 senior teachers, librarians, and education teachers should have been included in the transfer along with the 300 teachers who were reportedly deprived of the adjustment due to negligence on the part of officers.
He said that 2,813 teachers from non-TSP areas currently work in TSP areas.

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