Stock Market: Police Working To Trace Boy Who Asked Minor To Flee To Pak | Jaipur News

Jaipur: As part of their ongoing investigation centred around a 16-year-old girl’s attempt to meet a boy in Lahore, the city police said they were trying to determine the boy’s genuine identity and whereabouts through IP address examination.

This development comes in the backdrop of a revelation that the boy who referred to himself as Aslam Lahori was also running multiple Instagram accounts under the names of Farhan, Irfan and Chintu.
“We are examining the IP addresses and other online activities of the boy whom the girl claimed she befriended on Instagram. As of now, we cannot corroborate anything about the boy’s verified identity or his location,” said DCP (East) Gyan Chandra Yadav.

The police stated that they will corroborate all her statements, as the same girl had previously concocted a story claiming to be “Gazal Mohammad,” a Pakistani national who came to India with her aunt three years ago but tried to return home because her aunt in Sikar was pressuring her to marry her cousin.
The minor girl, on the other hand, claimed in her interviews to news channels that the boy’s name was not Aslam but Irfan. She defended him by stating that he was using a separate account belonging to his friend.
The police, however, still doubt her story due to multiple contradictions that emerged during her first questioning on Friday when she was caught at Jaipur International Airport while attempting to purchase a ticket to Pakistan.

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