No, government has not issued guidelines to monitor WhatsApp chats, here’s why you shouldn’t believe this message

Rumours about the government issuing a new guideline on monitoring users’ WhatsApp chats and messages have been revolving around the internet for quite some time. The message is fake as per PIB Fact Check. The PIB Fact Check Unit aims to act as a deterrent to creators and disseminators of fake news and misinformation and to provide people with an avenue to report suspicious and questionable information pertaining to the government of India for fact-checking has termed the so-called guidelines as fake.

“Claim: The Government of India has released a new #WhatsApp guideline to monitor chats and take action against people #PIBFactCheck : This message is #FAKE. The Government has released no such guideline,” said PIB Fact Check.
The tweet by PIB Fact Check clearly mentions that the message about the government issuing guidelines to keep a check on chats and take action against people is fake. The government has issued no such guidelines.

What the message circulating claims
According to the message circulating on the internet and social media, the government has issued new guidelines to monitor the following things on WhatsApp.

  • Message Sent
  • Message Delivered
  • Message Read
  • Government has taken a note
  • Government can take action against you
  • Government is screening your data
  • Government has initiated action and you’ll receive summons from court.

Why you shouldn’t believe this message
Well, according to this message, users will see different coloured ticks as we see when the message is sent, delivered and seen — the grey, double tick and blue tick. It is important to note that WhatsApp does not have any other coloured ticks that indicate anything. According to this message, there will be red colour ticks as well. This is completely false and there are no colour-coded ticks on WhatsApp whatsoever.

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