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JAIPUR: The Jaipur-Delhi National Highway (NH-48) continues to face severe traffic disruptions due to incessant rains and construction delays.

With the situation showing no improvement for three days now, the Jaipur (Rural) SP Rajeev Pachar and his team has begun urging travelers to consider using the newly built expressway via Dausa as an alternative route.
On Friday, Pachar’s office issued an advisory about the long snarls on the highway and urged people to take the expressway as an alternative route.

“The construction work of flyovers is underway on the Kotputli and Shahpura stretches of NH-48, and the traffic was already passing through squeezed service lanes. However, the situation has been further exacerbated by rains and waterlogging,” he said.
On Saturday, several commuters took to social media to express their anger over the deplorable condition of the highway.
One person commented that travelling on the highway has become a significant challenge due to its poor condition.
The Jaipur (Rural) police officials said that the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) sanctioned numerous development works on the highway, but all the projects are running behind schedule, adding to the traffic woes in the area.
Since Thursday, several stretches of the highway witnessed snarls, extending as long as 10 km. Additional police personnel have been deployed on the highway to manage the traffic.
According to officials, not only Kotputli and Shahpura but also the highway cutting through Paniyala and Sarund has witnessed heavy traffic chaos.
One official said that the heavy rains have caused significant damage to the highway, resulting in countless ankle-deep potholes at various locations, which have significantly slowed down the average speed of vehicles.
“A chain reaction is unfolding on the highway, where one vehicle slows down to avoid hitting potholes. As a result, other vehicles behind it also have to slow down due to the initial slowdown,” said an official.
Officials said that they have been suggesting the use of the expressway in Daua as a temporary alternative. However, they also are urging the NHAI to find a permanent solution to the problem of the damaged NH48.

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