Rabies Vaccine: Woman Tried To Steal Baby In Dausa Too, But Left Due To His Mom’s Plight | Jaipur News

JAIPUR: A 30-year-old woman arrested on Friday for abducting a baby boy in Jaipur divulged a prior attempt to steal a newborn from a hospital but stopped after witnessing the scene of relatives congratulating a woman on finally having a long-awaited boy after giving birth to three daughters.

DCP (East) Gyan Chandra Yadav said that Soniya Singh, alias Sayma admitted to going to a hospital in Dausa to steal a baby boy to gain acceptance from her mother-in-law, who had been taunting her for having a daughter.
As per Yadav, her intentions to abduct the newborn from a particular mother faltered when she learned that the mother already had three daughters. “That scene struck a chord with her, and she decided to leave the hospital. She mentioned that she empathized with that mother because she had experienced a similar ordeal of pressure from her family to have a baby boy,” he said.

However, her desperation for a male child grew after suffering a miscarriage and facing continued familial rejection. On Thursday, she and her partner Prakash Saini went to a hospital in Bassi, Jaipur, where they abducted a one-day-old boy after tricking the grandmother.
On Friday, the police arrested Singh and Saini and successfully rescued the boy, whom they had abandoned alongside a road due to fear of police.
The police interrogated them and discovered that Singh had a love marriage with a man from UP who worked as a government employee. But the investigation soon took an unexpected turn when the woman revealed her ordeal of societal pressure to have a son so that she could gain acceptance from her mother-in-law.
“She had been contemplating the idea for a long time before finally abducting the baby. The incident in Dausa highlights the tremendous pressure she was under to have a son,” said an official.

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