Rainfall: Record Mud Pumps Used To Drain Out Water From Roads In 28 Areas | Jaipur News

Jaipur: Incessant rainfall since the wee hours of Saturday had affected the normal life in Jaipur. Although traffic was less on road because of a public holiday, the rain had forced people to confine mostly within their homes.

Officials of the district civil defence stated that they had to deploy mud pumps to drain out water from the roads and even from local houses in as many as 28 localities across the city. This is highest deployment of mud pumps in Jaipur in recent years.
“Traffic got affected only for a while in Ambabadi and on Shikar Road. While a cab got stuck in Ambabadi, a city transport bus got stuck on Sikar Road. Volunteers rushed to the spot and rescued the passengers and managed to pull the bus on side of the road,” said Amit Sharma, DC Civil Defence (Jaipur).

In a few localities adjacent to the Jal Mahal, Laxmi Nagarpura and Kadam Kund in the Brahmapuri area the district administration was compelled to shift the locals from their homes for a while as the water level was crossing the danger mark.
“The problem in these localities is that the houses are located at a lower level than the adjacent roads or the nearby main roads. So, chances are high that bottom most floors of the buildings in these localities would have got over flooded,” said an official.
District collector Prakash Rajpurohit also carried out inspections at different localities across the city where problem of water logging is considered to be perennial.
Meanwhile, cabinet minister Pratapsingh Khachariyawas inspected different localities. The district control room had addressed around 70% of 150 complaints on Saturday.

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