Musk: It’s official: R.I.P Twitter, long live X as Elon Musk revamps the logo

It took just over 24 hours for Elon Musk to put an end to Twitter as we knew it. No, Twitter isn’t exactly dead but its rebranding as X is now complete. The new X logo is now officially visible on the web version of Twitter. We checked and it was visible on some accounts whereas some accounts are still showing the old bird logo. This means that it is being done in a phased manner and the new X logo should be visible soon to all users.

As of now, only the web version of Twitter has the X logo and the bird has been freed. We checked the iOS version and Android of Twitter and the bird is still very much visible.
Earlier this morning, Musk revealed that if someone goes to the url then they will be redirected to the Twitter website. Also, Musk shared the image of the new logo which was projected on the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco.

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