‘Gehlot MLAs kicked me’: Sacked Rajasthan minister Rajendra Gudha ‘dragged out of assembly’ | Jaipur News

JAIPUR: Former Rajasthan minister and Congress leader Rajendra Singh Gudha alleged on Monday that around 50 people “attacked and kicked” him out of the state assembly, reported news agency ANI.

Gudha said, “Around 50 people attacked me, punched me, kicked me, and Congress leaders dragged me out of the assembly.”

He further claimed that the chairman of the Rajasthan assembly did not “allow” him to speak.
“There were allegations against me that I am with BJP. I want to know, what is my fault?” said Gudha.

Gudha, who was sacked as minister of state on Friday after he cornered his own Congress government in the assembly, reached near speaker C P Joshi’s chair with a “red diary” and had an argument with him.
As Gudha waved the red-coloured diary, the speaker asked him to come to his chamber.
After some time, Gudha reached near Parliamentary affairs minister Shanti Dhariwal and confronted him while he stood to speak.
Ugly scenes were witnessed at this time and BJP MLAs too created an uproar and stormed the well of the House over the issue of the “red diary”.
The speaker then adjourned the House.
Before the House began in the morning, Gudha said that he would “disclose” details about the “red diary” in the assembly. He said the diary contained some “secrets”.

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