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Jaipur: Taking lessons from JK Lon Hospital’s ICU fire, the medical education department has written to all principals of medical colleges across the state to check their fire safety equipment, fire exit and patients’ safety in case of fire.

Forty-seven children had a miraculous escape when a fire broke out in an ICU of JK Lon Hospital in Jaipur, Rajasthan’s biggest hospital for children run by the state government, late on June 17 night.
“We have written to all the principals of medical colleges to ensure fire safety measures in their attached hospitals and to check that they are properly functioning. A proper fire audit is needed,” T Ravikanth, principal secretary, medical education department told TOI.

A lot of government hospitals have started the work on their own. A superintendent of the government run hospital told that they need fire exits at some places, which they will ensure that it will be completed soon. The hospitals are checking that the equipment for firefighting are sufficient. They are ensuring that in case of fire, they have the safe passage and fire fighters can easily approach all the areas in the hospital for quick action.
The report of the committee formed by the department investigation in the JK Lon fire is yet to be completed as they committee is working on it. The investigation in the fire incident will ascertain the cause of fire in the hospital. The department has mentioned that those found guilty in the inquiry, will face action.

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