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JAIPUR: Nazneen, a resident of Idgah area, whose two-year-old son was admitted to J K Lon Hospital in Jaipur with fever and other complications five days ago had to share bed with another patient. Her son has always a risk of cross-infection whenever a new patient admitted to the ward and asked to share the bed with the child. However, she didn’t resist as she has no resources to move another hospital.
Outside the medicine ward 2, where Nazneen’s son was undergoing treatment, the hospital has to arrange beds in corridor for the patients portraying grave situation. “My son Noor Ali was admitted five days ago. During this period, there are occasions when he had to share bed with other patients,” she told TOI. J K Lon Hospital is the biggest child specialty hospital run by the government in the state. Around 250 patients getting admitted to the hospital daily.
Nazneen is happy with the treatment as her son was recovering but the shortage of beds which patients had to face in the hospital.
Even though there is always a risk of infection, the hospital has to manage accommodating patients coming to the hospital. “We cannot refuse patients. All patients coming to the hospital are provided with the best possible treatment,” said Dr Kailash Meena, medical superintendent, J K Lon Hospital while acknowledging that there is a dire need for increasing the beds in the hospital.
Nursing staff in the wards also acknowledged that patients have to share beds due to its shortage. The issue of shortage of beds at the hospital will likely snowball into a major problem in coming months due to the spike in seasonal diseases such as dengue, scrub typhus, malaria.
The hospital has 900 beds and half of them have been converted into ICU beds during Covid-19 pandemic. The general ward beds have now been reduced to 450, which will make the situation even more worrisome during upcoming seasonal diseases season.
In current scenario, the hospital has to shift the patients from the wards to the ICU to make space for the patients. It was not that crowded day in the hospital when TOI visited the hospital. The patients coming to the hospital in emergency got the beds.
One Laxman Meena rushed his six-year-old daughter Preeti from Lalsot to J K Lon Hospital after her condition deteriorated. “We reached here at 2am. I went to emergency ward where doctors immediately admitted my daughter. I was fortunate that I got the bed in the hospital. My daughter’s platelets have gone down and doctors in Lalsot advised us to take her to higher centre,” said Meena.
Besides, one Babita Devi, resident of Amber area, rushed her son Avinandan to J K Lon Hospital after he consumed his mother’s medicines accidentally. “We got the bed and my daughter is recovering now,” she said.

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