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Jaipur: Patients standing in long serpentine queues for more than an hour at medicine OPD of J K Lon Hospital is a horrific experience for them. Clinging kids in their arms, pacifying them, keeping them calm is a difficult task for the parents while standing in queues.
They can’t leave their positions as they will have to go back, while others do not allow to them to enter in between the queue. Some parents sit on the floor to wait for their turn.
At the time TOI team visited the hospital, at medicine OPD, three doctors- two in one room and another in one room, was providing treatment to the patients, which is why, patients wait for the turn lengthens even though the three doctors in two rooms quickly examining the patients and prescribing medicines to examine all of them before 2pm, the time of closure of OPD on Saturday.
“I have been standing in the queue since morning, but still my turn has yet to come. I sat on the floor as it will take more time,” said Divya Kumari, who came to the hospital from Dholpur with her son for his treatment. When she got tired, she sat on the floor. Most of the parents were seen holding their children in their arms on a humid monsoon day trying to keep their children calm while waiting for their turn.
“My five-year-old son Priyanshu can listen, but he cannot speak. I have come from Jhalawar with a hope here,” said Vinod Kumar, patiently waiting for his turn.
The presence of only three doctors made the situation worse as there should be more doctors to attend the patients. “The PG students might have gone to attend the classes,” said Dr Kailash Meena, medical superintendent, J K Lon Hospital.
Waiting list of patients for surgery at the hospital has also become lengthy. Children have to wait for at least two months for elective surgery.
“In case of emergency, we have two operation theatre for emergency surgeries but for elective surgeries in which a patient can wait for some days they have to wait for two months,” said a surgeon at the hospital.

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