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Jaipur: With more tiger reserves being established, several tiger foundations will be combined to form a single foundation in the state, forest officers say.
The Wildlife (Protection) Amendment Act of 2006 mandated the creation of tiger conservation foundations in the country’s tiger reserves. This was done to provide additional support in managing the reserves and addressing conservation challenges, considering the rapid changes in demographics, society, and economy.
Almost all the tiger reserves in the state, such as Ranthambore, Sarsika, and Mukundra, have already set up tiger conservation foundations and have started generating revenue for managing the reserves.
A forest officer explained, “To streamline these foundations from technical, administrative, financial, and operational perspectives, a plan has been made to merge them.”
However, this idea has not been well received by conservationists. Environmental activists are concerned that the government might misuse the funds generated by the tiger reserves. Tapeshwar Singh Bhati, an activist and lawyer, stated, “Legally, this is incorrect. According to the constitution of the tiger reserve foundation, the foundation’s headquarters should be located conveniently near the reserve. If the foundations are merged, this won’t be possible. The foundation’s area of operation should be the tiger reserve and its surrounding landscape. However, if the foundation is merged, the tiger reserve will have to depend on and wait for funds.”

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