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Kota: Terming the incident of fire in an oxygen mask a ‘medical accident’, Kota Medical College principal Dr Sangeeta Saxena on Friday, directed the superintendents of attached hospitals to ensure safety measures for patients under treatment and prevent such accidents in future.
Meanwhile, the four-member probe committee, directed to submit a report within 24 hours, sought more time and urged the inclusion of a cardiac expert in the committee on Friday.
“It was a medical accident, not caused by negligence of staff and in order to avoid such an accident again, she directed superintendents of the attached hospital to ensure all safety and security measures to the patients under treatment,” Saxena said.
The concerned biomedical equipment agency was asked to thoroughly examine the equipment and their network in the hospital, said Dr. RP Meena, superintendent of New Medical College Hospital.
The medical staff in ICU was also in a state of shock after the mishap and had to be convinced that it was not manual but accidental to get them into proper working, Dr. Meena said.
Notably, 23-year-old man, Vaibhav Sharma (23), under treatment at surgical ward in New Medical College Hospital (NMCH) here died on Wednesday night after the oxygen mask over his face allegedly caught fire after Direct Current (DC) Cardioversion shock and stuck to his neck in the ICU. However, the hospital authorities refuted death by fire in oxygen mask claiming the deceased was a TB patient with GI perforation in critical condition, already died and was given CPR an hour earlier. Te deceased’s family alleged medical negligence.

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