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Jaipur: The mayor of Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC)Greater, Somya Gurjar on Friday, started zone-wise inspection to check the cleanliness system of the city from Mansarovar zone when she found the cleanliness system was in poor condition with waste dumped in open at several places.
The inspections are being carried out to improve the city’s ranking in the upcoming Swachh Survekshan survey. The mayor is also appealing to residents to download the application for the survey and start giving feedback which can help improve the rankings. The inspection started from Mansarovar Zone Office, Metro Station via Thadi Market, Madhyam Marg, KL Saini Stadium among other places.
Gurjar spoke to residents asking them about when the waste collection vehicle arrives at their houses, whether the vehicles have a helper to collect the waste and other problems that the residents are facing.
Many residents informed the mayor that the waste collection vehicle comes in the afternoon due to which people throw the waste on roads in the mornings. The mayor scolded the officials over the poor system and questioned why the work is not being done properly.
She also gave instructions for immediate removal of illegal encroachments, illegal dairies, along with cleaning of drains and covering of open drains, removal of open garbage depots in the zone area, spraying pesticides in localities and to take strict action against those who throw garbage in the open.
She also directed officials to write to the housing board to repair and clean the drain maintained by them in areas falling in the Mansarovar zone of JMC-Greater.
On Friday, JMC-Heritage commissioner also conducted a surprise inspection in the Walled City ahead of the upcoming G20 summit.

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