Lal Kothi Area Hemmed In By Illegal Vendors, Uncleaned Garbage Dumps | Jaipur News

Jaipur: Despite action by the anti-encroachment wing of JMC-Greater, vegetable and fruits vendors on Sahakar Marg and behind the Lalkothi Mandi continue to operate illegally.
Vegetable vendors not just put-up stalls on these roads affecting traffic but household waste is also dumped in the open, which has not been cleaned for over a month.
Babulal Sharma, a vendor who has his shop in the area said, “The authorities come frequently to remove our shops, but no other area is allocated to us also. We ourselves have to pay Rs 30-40 every month for collection of garbage but everything is finally dumped here along with household waste.”
Not only the vendors occupy the roads, but even the garbage is dumped there in large quantities, turning the site into an open dumping spot. Piles of garbage is dumped on the backside of the Lalkothi vegetable mandi as vendors encroach the road, affecting traffic movement and causing problems to commuters.
A commuter passing through the area on Wednesday said, “This is not a vegetable market, but a garbage market (kachra mandi) and I have never seen any garbage trucks coming here to collect waste except two or three times at night. There is so much stench and it is very difficult to travel from here.”
Officials said that they will look into the matter as to why garbage has not been collected from the site since the past few months.
“We will get it checked on why waste is not being collected from the vegetable mandi. Household waste should not be dumped there, we will check that too. As far as encroachments are concerned, our teams do take regular action, but it is a matter of employment for these vendors so they come back again. There is definitely laxity from the corporation’s end also and these vendors cannot set up shops again without support, but action from our end will continue,” said Puneet Karnawat, deputy mayor for JMC-Greater.

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